Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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'will be back as soon as everything's back to normal again.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Saturday, July 02, 2011

White Orchid

white orchid by mommy random thoughts
white orchid, a photo by mommy random thoughts on Flickr.
This flower symbolizes purity. How pure are your thoughts, intentions, and deeds?

As human beings, people often succumb to the call of temptation. Temptation to do bad things, to say unkind words, to think of nasty thoughts about our enemies. Unless you have a strong will to resist such things, one can never be pure.

Is there a pure person nowadays, you might ask. That's difficult to answer. I can't say who's pure and who's not. Well, who's to say, btw? We cannot judge other people. We can only judge ourselves.

God is so great that there are still white orchids in this world.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lights Out @ 10pm

The picture says it all - WITH LOVE!

This is a light switch near the main door to my eldest daughter's dorm room. I placed that note to remind her of the dorm rule and also as a personal reminder that she needs to be asleep on or before 10pm to prevent the trigger factors to her medical condition. It's not life-threatening but it could be a serious problem if she ignores the 'trigger factors.' So I hope and pray that she's an obedient daughter!

I Need To Take A New Look At Life

Certainly, I've done sooooo many mistakes in life. Some I regret, others I don't. As they say in Church - sins of omission and sins of commission. I likewise regret not doing some things I wish I had done a decade ago. There were wise decisions and also very dumb decisions when opportunities knocked on my door. Anyway, I'm still young, I think. There's no age limit in taking chances, right? 

Well, I really need to start a new outlook in life. I need to go out. [This is another story which I will share one of these days to you.] And explore my world.

Lord, just give me the strength and the will, please. The energy drinks don't work. :/